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Technical Support

  • Registering for Sessions
  • Zoom
  • Sound in Session
  • Video in Session
  • Viewing Closed Captions
  • Zoom Support Links

When registering for a session, please make sure you’re logged into the site first. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to create one by clicking Login and then Create Account.

login or create new account

Check your email for your temporary password. You’ll need to change it to a new password when you log in for the first time. Then, pull down the Attend tab at the top right of the screen and click Register for Sessions.

register for sessions

We will be using Zoom for our conference. Below you will find links to helpful information about Zoom, especially if you are new to this tool.

First time user with Zoom

Get started by completing the steps outlined below:

STEP 1 - Create an account
Zoom will ask for you to create an account. You can use your Google or Facebook account to sign in, or you can create an account from scratch.

Getting started on a PC or Mac

STEP 2 - Check System Requirements
Make sure that your system is compatible with Web Conferencing. Please verify your system requirements:

System requirements for Zoom Web Conferencing

NOTE: Zoom does have an app, but we do not recommend participating via mobile device because you may lose some interactivity and functionality.

STEP 3 – Test your system
Zoom offers a test room so that participants can try out Zoom before the event. This is an optional step, but if you are new to Zoom, this will help you learn the tool.

Zoom Test Room

Note: You may be prompted in a separate window to open Zoom. Please go ahead and follow the instructions.

After the session has started, you can check your sound using your toolbar:

Page of Zoom Screen with Audio and Chat tools annotated

You can learn more about your sound by visiting: Testing Audio

In Zoom you have the ability to customize your view. Our sessions will have captioning and signing, which can mean several screens on your computer at once. We will keep participant video off in order to focus on the presentation and the signer.

We recommend the Large Speaker View, which provides a large image of the desktop and a smaller image of the speaker, or in our case the signer. The following image shows a Zoom viewer with Large Speaker View enabled:

Zoom viewer screen with Large Speaker View enabled

To test your video, you can navigate to: Testing Your Video in Zoom

To learn more about customizing your viewer layout, you can navigate to: Customization

All sessions in the conference will be closed captioned. To view the captions, click "Closed Caption" from the top menu bar. After you select "Closed Caption," you will see a captioning window appear that will deliver captions in real time.

Zoom screen showing the caption button and the captioning screen

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